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France’s ‘yellow vests’ only have one common message: anger at government

French politician Raphaël Schellenberger listens to the demands of ‘yellow vest’ demonstrators on Dec. 6. The protesters have been gathering daily at a traffic circle in Mulhouse, France, since mid-November. Source: Dominique Soguel

For Rosa Larocca, a middle-aged headmistress who can switch from a warm smile to a stern look in seconds, it’s all about politics. “The people want a different type of republic and they want [French President Emmanuel] Macron to go,” she says. “What we want are referendums.”

For Shanoon Redovanc, a bespectacled retiree sporting a black woolen hat, it’s about living standards. “This is not just about Macron,” he insists. “I’ve spent two winters without heating because I am scared of the bill. What we all have in common is the search for a life with dignity.”

And for Karl, an unemployed musician with a bushy ginger beardit’s about social

‘The truth is that we are broken’Calls for radical change

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