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The Three 'I's Of Farming

Income, innovation and integration are key to new age agriculture as opposed to input intensive monocropping, along with complementary and supplementary enterprises. These will ensure stability for small and marginal farmers, points out Tomio Shichiri.

Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for the majority of Indians, accounts for 46 per cent of total land use and contributes around 17 per cent of the country's GDP. An overwhelming majority of the Indian farmers, say 80 per cent, are small and marginal farmers, with less than one hectare of farmland per family. And the fragmentation of landholding continues. Moreover, these resource poor farmers are particularly vulnerable to the ecological and economic impact of climate change.

Small and marginal farm holders mostly suffer due to unsustainable agricultural practices, which reduce ecosystem services such as nutrient cycling and pollination across rural India. Also, input intensification has resulted in the loss of agricultural biodiversity, further worsened by the lack of

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