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Speaking Up: Tools and Practices for Claiming Your True Self & Happiness

Speaking Up: Tools and Practices for Claiming Your True Self & Happiness, by Melanie Roxas. Photographs of woman and pen by Jared Rice and Aaron Burden
Photographs by Jared Rice (woman) and Aaron Burden (pen), collage by Bill Miles

7 steps to allow you to live a better life in which YOU are in control of your happiness

At times (if not always) we are our harshest critic. We deprive ourselves of life’s simplest and greatest joys because of one reason or another. We even withhold love and joy from our very selves and from the people we love most because of this dissatisfaction or unsettledness we have in ourselves. We think, “Until I have my dream job, only then will I be fully happy and feel satisfied” or “Once I make 6 figures, I’ll feel content that I made it.” We

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