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“All disease begins in the gut.” So proclaimed the Greek physician Hippocrates more than 2,000 years ago. As a healer who favored science over superstition, his theories opened up the concept that you are what you eat—or, more precisely, what you digest. Although the exact mechanics were unknown to Hippocrates at the time, his prognostications have been proven true today in the condition known as “leaky gut syndrome.”

Also known as “gut permeability,” this malady has been studied for more than 100 years. But only recently have the affects of microbial balance in the gut been realized as the very foundation of proper health. Just as probiotics have been linked to a variety of disease treatments outside of digestion—including immunity, skin and hair health, cognitive ability, and even muscle mass and strength—the treatment of leaky gut can ensure that you experience greater energy, faster healing, and improved performance.


In essence, this condition is exactly what it says: Within the intestines, there are junctions between the

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