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“Men’s Grooming? That’s in Aisle 8… and 9… and 10…”


THE VIBE Target is redesigning its men’s sections to spotlight your grooming. “Our male guests view style as more than just apparel,” says Christina Hennington, SVP for merchandising, essentials, and beauty, and this modern outlook seems to have inspired the refreshed areas, which are packed with more than 600 products. Target has introduced cool niche brands like Byrd and Rebels Refinery, Internet favorites such as Harry’s, and items for men’s various skin tones and hair types, like those from Hue for Every Man.

What to Buy

Harry’s Fig Body Wash

Harry’s is now doing for body care what it did for shaving: disrupting your routine, with well-priced bodywashes in high-end scents.

Byrd Light Pomade

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