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Pull Ahead of the Pack

You are confident with dumbbells, know how to swing a kettlebell, and pump a barbell like a champ… but when was the last time you gave the cable machine some love? If you’re avoiding the pulleys, you’re missing out. Unlike

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Katrina Scott
The cofounder of Tone It Up (TIU) jokes that the fitness platform and community is her firstborn, but her second, Bella, might be her biggest feat yet. Just ask her 309K followers who are journeying through the “fourth trimester” with Scott, 35, than
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Muscles… From a Machine?
Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a two-inch pinchable ring around my belly button, which I lovingly call “my doughnut.” It’s a stubborn little thing that hasn’t budged even with weight loss, a squeaky-clean diet, or five-times-a-week workouts. So
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Game. Set. Mom.
EVA MENDES IS digging through the contents of her purse in a scene that looks not so much like a choreographed opportunity for celebrity product placement as like what might happen if you—or your babysitter, or a woman on the train—rummaged through a