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10 ways to… BREAK THE RULES!
Rules are made to be broken, so the old saying goes. And that’s certainly the case with photography, where you really don’t have to be bound by everything you’ve learned since first picking up a camera. Some of the technical aspects of photography ar
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Canon RF 28-70mm f/2L USM £3,049/$2,999 One of the main attractions of Canon’s EOS R and RP bodies is their comparatively compact and light build, compared with full-frame SLRs. By contrast, the RF 28-70mm is a monster, measuring 104 x 140mm and weighing in at 1,430g. It’s
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Video Stars
Travel photographer London-based travel, documentary and landscape photographer Matt leads workshops and holidays. As well as shooting assignments, he also produces cinematic travel videos called Photo Escapes with fellow pro John Alexander. www.matt