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What Is Fill-flash All About?
Following last issue’s guide to flash, this month we’re focusing on fill-flash. As the name suggests, this is a technique where the light from the flash is used to supplement existing lighting – to ‘fill in’ details in dark areas of a picture – rathe
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Inside Matthew’s Camera Bag
This is Matt’s primary camera, offering him a 36.3MP full-frame sensor. The D810 records Full HD (1080p) videos at 50p/60p frame rates. “I always take two cameras with me in case one breaks,” says Matt. “Having two means you can mount a different len
Digital Camera World2 min read
Blending In The Flash
You can improve the quality of your fill-flash pictures in the same way that you can add a professional touch to your full-flash shots. By using a flashgun, moving it off the camera and triggering it remotely, you can control where the shadows fall.