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It lasted only a few hours, but they were three of the craziest hours of fishing I’ve ever experienced.

When it was over, we’d raised 25 blue marlin, had 15 bites and brought nine fish to the boat ranging from 150 to nearly 400 pounds. We’d had a couple of double-headers with two other fish on the teasers at the same time. And for a few exciting moments, we’d been hooked up to three blues—and we’d never fished more than three baits or lures at one time.

At one point, we watched dumbfounded as a “school” of 20 or more blue marlin crashed the surface like yellowfin, blowing up on small tuna about a quarter mile off the port quarter. “Now I’ve seen it all,” said Will Drost, our host and owner of the 42-foot Maverick sportfisherman Sea Fly. “Marlin busting on the surface like yellowfin? I’ve never seen that. That’s rare.”

We were working a seamount about 75 miles from Los Sueños Resort & Marina, which is situated on Herradura Bay along the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. I was fishing with John Brownlee, a friend and, which was filming a segment for the Discovery Channel.

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