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Where’s the Remoto?
FOUR-LETTER WORDS poured out of Ryan Means. The water—all 7 gallons, all 58 pounds of it—was gone, poof, vanished like so much dust in the south Texas desert. A week earlier, Ryan had spent a full day carrying the water before caching it deep in Big
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Eva Luna Harper-Zahn
Shortly after starting up Mt. Whitney at 1 a.m., Eva Luna needed a nap. She was feeling the altitude, and like most kids her age, was not accustomed to the body-and mind-jarring effects of an alpine start. But unlike most kids her age, she thought cl
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2 Baptism By Fire
MT. RINJANI IS NOT A friendly volcano. When it goes, it ejects ash more than 2 miles high and deposits sulfur as far away as the Arctic. Some scientists think that Mt. Rinjani alone caused the second ice age. That’s a lot of pent-up volcanic violence