McCall is a master trainer and author of Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple.


Backpacking is all about endurance. “The legs are always working, even when you’re standing still,” McCall says. But hills happen, and climbing with a weighted pack, especially over tough terrain, requires bursts of power, too. Train to meet the challenge: low to moderate intensity, with a focus on high repetitions, to help the muscles become more efficient for long days on the

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Small and Mighty
OUR TAKE On days when we were speeding down the trail, this pack and its body-hugging fit were an easy pick. Clever use of foam and stretchy mesh allow the shoulder straps and hipbelt to flex and relax like tendons, so the Miwok stayed glued to one t
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Backpack With A Baby
“OK, HERE’S my biggest fear,” I told my friend Norman, as I zipped my 13-month-old son into his fire engine jammies at our campsite in Rocky Mountain National Park. “Sam will figure out how to unzip the tent. Then he’ll wait until we’re asleep, sneak
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Tarp Origami
This configuration is similar to the classic A-frame, but trades a narrower interior for built-in groundcover. 1. Tie a ridgeline at waist height between two trees. Drape the tarp over the ridgeline lengthwise so that two-thirds hang on one side. 2.