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Siblings, friends, lovers, mentors, and mothers CHOOSE CLOTHES for EACH OTHER to wear from the spring collections.

“I was surprised there was so much pink available.”

SPOUSES: CASEY LEGLER, author, restaurateur, and former Olympian, and SIRI MAY, senior adviser at the Center for Reproductive Rights

Siri: I was excited to pick out clothes for Casey. We decided because of this story that we should pick out outfits for each other for a date and then just leave them out for each other. Casey: We have lots of conversations about clothes. Siri collects garments, and we’re both intentional about what we wear. Siri’s style is poetic and has this distinguished elegance to it as well. I loved finding out what she’d picked for me. I was surprised there was so much pink available—surprised and delighted. → ON CASEY: Boss suit, model’s own shirt and shoes. → ON SIRI: Boss pants, Equipment shirt, model’s own shoes, Fernando Jorge earrings.

“Jane has some notion that I wear color.”

FRIENDS: DR. JANE ARONSON, physician and founder of Worldwide Orphans, and ALEXI ASHE MEYERS, human-rights lawyer

Jane: This outfit is a little outlandish—kind of dominatrix, which I’m not—but leather

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