Your must-do health guide

There’s so much conflicting health advice around — we should juice, but not eat sugar; meditate for relaxation, but drink coffee for good health; or is it only drink green tea and then jog for an hour, or only do 10 minutes, or is it 60 seconds of HIIT? It’s no wonder we’re confused! But good health is actually quite simple and straightforward.

1. Do you need to drink eight glasses of water a day?

While you know you have to drink water, how much is enough, too much or too little? Advice settles on eight glasses of water a day, although there is no medical evidence to back this up. “Everyone’s daily water requirements are different as it’s highly individual and depends on several factors,” says vinyasa yoga instructor and health and wellness creator, Christina Sternberg.

“Eight glasses of water a day is purely a guideline to ensure your daily needs are met. However, the amount of water each person needs each day eventually comes down to how active they are, the state of their health and the environment they live in. Most importantly, when it comes to drinking water, make sure to drink to thirst and try to get more water in on

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