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“Tall ears, twinkly nose, tiny tail, and – hop – he goes …”

Mandy O’Sullivan, RedAgape – Website: @crochetbyredagape


• Patons Cotton Blends yarn 50g: 11 balls of White (col 01), one ball of Pink (col 15), one ball of Black (col 02), two balls of Lunar Rock (col 37 – Grey)

• 4mm hook (UK 8/US G6)

• Yarn needle

Finished size:

75 x 110cm (17 1/2 x 43 1/4in)

Note: This project is made using the corner-to-corner crochet method, which consists of groups of trebles to create blocks. The blocks are made up of 4 tr, with the first of those tr formed by making 3 chains. It’s these blocks, combined with colour changes, that help create the pattern in the blanket. As the name implies, the crochet moves from one corner, on the diagonal to the opposite corner of the project. Australian/UK terminology is used; North American readers should consult a crochet manual to interpret the instructions.


 ch = chain; tr = treble crochet; sl st = slip stitch; sp = space; dc = double crochet; [WS] = wrong side; [RS] = right side; Block = 4 tr

Referring to the Peeping Bunny Graph on the next page, begin crocheting the blanket at Row 1, in the bottom right corner.

{Start with White yarn, make a slip knot} Work C2C stitch for 11 rows, each row increases by

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