Coined in 1854, the term ‘Ethology’ refers to the study of the way in which an animal’s habits (its behaviour) are related to its structure and habitat. It is important to note that there is no such thing as typical behaviour, because the typical animal is a mythical beast! However, patterns can be observed, hypotheses devised and tested, and a working interpretation of what an animal is doing obtained. This data can then be extrapolated, to create

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Venue: Mana Pools National Park & Lake Kariba Date: 12-22 October 2019 Cost: R16 500 per person sharing Includes: Camping & Park fees, Dinner Excludes: Fuel, Lunch, Drinks, VHF radio hire The unique Mana Pools National Park is a World Heritage Site,
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Sheer Madness
When I was given a chance to drive Baboon’s Pass in Lesotho as part of a group tour organised by Riaan Jooste of Complete 4x4, I was extremely interested. I had heard it was tough, and at times Grade-5 tough, but definitely something to tick off one’
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Outdoor X, the biggest outdoor, leisure and lifestyle expo in South Africa is back. It’s inviting all 4x4 and off-road enthusiasts to experience over 375 top quality exhibitions by industry leaders, showcasing their latest products and services. Outd