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When designing your dream home, you need to keep lifestyle front of mind. For the owners of this stunning house, entertaining friends and family was extremely important. Thanks to a high degree of skill, and the exuberance and passion of director Peter Rujanoski, the team from Architectural Home Designs was able to create a

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MAKE AN Impact
we’re so excited to introduce you to our new Special Feature. In our reader survey last year we asked what you wanted to see more of, and greater in-depth content was a resounding frontrunner. It got the team thinking that because we’re lucky enough
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Style Envy
The start of the new year is best celebrated with all manner of refreshes. As we honour earth’s revolution around the sun, we embrace new resolutions, set new goals and, of course, seek out new trends. For the design lovers and homemakers looking for
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Smartify Your Home
these days, most family members have smartphones, tablets and laptops (and all their accompanying chargers and cords). And with your virtual assistant device on the kitchen counter, plus Bluetooth speakers in the living room, you might wonder sometim