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When I was growing up, my granny and my mom were the cooks. I still say that my granny is the best cook in the world. She made these crazy chicken livers – with a lot of chilli – spicy and so moreish. I’m blessed to have eaten in one- and two-star restaurants in America and London, but my granny’s overcooked veggies are still the best.

But I took a gap year after school. I worked as a waiter in restaurants in the UK and I saw

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Woolworths TASTE1 min readFood & Wine
Curry Flavour
Few things in life warm the belly like a fragrant curry and, with winter headed our way, it’s high on the to-do list. Whether you like a bowl of butter chicken or a creamy korma, spicy vindaloo with rotis or a delicious lamb curry pie – you can’t go
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Riaad Moosa
I must admit to loving WCafés because of a tuna sandwich. Sadly, they’re removed it from the menu. They’ve updated it, but now it’s a Niçoise situation, and I am just not a Niçoise kind of guy. Man, that fish sandwich, it was just perfect – an open
Woolworths TASTE4 min read
Couverture Operation
“Coming soon,” read the caption on Gregory Czarnecki’s Instagram feed almost four years ago. “What’s that? It looks incredible!” someone commented. There was no further explanation, just a series of grinning face and heart-eyes emojis by other follow