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1967 Yamaha YDS3 250cc Twin, five-speed
Who can deny the usefulness of a fitting workshop manual in the restoration of a classic motorcycle? And yet – in the early days of the Japanese invasion, the manuals were somewhere between useless and extremely funny, due to being transliterated fro
Classic Bike Guide8 min read
Special Brew
Café racers, rock ’n’ roll and the resulting counter culture are all steeped in a long and fascinating heritage. It’s a vital and charismatic part of British motorcycling and social history and in fact I count that in the last year there have been at
Classic Bike Guide3 min read
Finding The Right Fred
We talk about our old nails in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics, power and torque, character and looking like it’s doing 100mph standing still; but when it comes down to fixing and keeping the things running it’s more tolerances, limits and fits, b