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PTG Tours: Touring the world by rail for 21 years

CELEBRATING its 21st year of operation in 2019, Wantage-based PTG Tours offers what it calls‘general interest rail, nature and culture’and a separate programme of‘enthusiast’holidays from the UK, using rail travel as a theme.

According to PTG, comfort, enjoyment, leisurely days and friendship are the secrets

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Steam Off Track
WHEN Richard Trevithick built his first self-propelled steam vehicle, he intended it to run on roads. However, those 19th century highways were, by and large, potholed, muddy affairs, unable to take the machines’ weight. As we know, Trevithick turned
Heritage Railway3 min read
New V4: Plan Of Action Ahead Of 2020 Launch
A BLUEPRINT for the strategy to build a new Gresley LNER V4 2-8-2 has been drawn up prior to the formal launch of the project. The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust, which 29 years ago drew up plans for a new Peppercorn A1 Pacific which materialised as No. 6
Heritage Railway3 min read
West Somerset reopens
SATURDAY, March 30, the day the West Somerset Railway reopened after a three-month closure following its rescue from the brink of collapse (see issue 252) was like a collection of outtakes from the classic 1950s Ealing comedy The Titfield Thunderbolt