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Best Likes Of 1984
It was the year that many reckon the first bike of the modern era was launched. Kawasaki’s 155mph GPz900R, which went on sale in 1984, featured an across-the frame four-cylinder liquid cooled engine and aerodynamics that would provide the template fo
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Finally Finished!
G’day! Well, the time finally arrived and I am still as proud as punch. The RG500 is finished and ready to ride. Over here we have Historic Registration, so any vehicle over 30 years old can be used up to 60 times per year and registered under the um
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Yamaha Yl1
Mega rare now: unless you want to pay for hand-made chambers ensure entire system is there and fully compatible. Yamaha AS1 parts might look like they fit, but they don’t! Check rear section around and beyond top shock mounts for rot. Likewise, ensur