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Tin-bashing the tank

I have been following my model makers’ picture book throughout the build of my RC374 and I have been wondering for some time what I was going to do about the tank.

The photos seemed to show a basic tank shape which I believe was a long range tank specifically made for the 1967 Isle of Man TT. The tank was quite flat-sided in shape without many compound curves. I had never made an aluminium tank before but thought why not have a go making one from scratch? There are a few videos online, showing people making aluminium tanks which was a

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Sheene Machines at Prescott
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From CANINE to K6!
The decision to have a go at a bike restoration in hindsight was a good one. However, shortly after I got my hands on the bike I seriously began to doubt the sanity of the decision, but I kept telling myself I was only in it for the pleasure of tinke