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Giveaways Worth Over £1720
If you want a greenhouse but are restricted on space or access, Forest’s new Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse is the answer. This beautifully designed greenhouse lets you access your plants without the need to go inside. Designed to be positioned in a
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Star Question Wins £25 Vouchers
To prevent caterpillars I covered with insect net and this worked well but the (very healthy) plants were covered with whitefly. I removed the netting in November and after some frosts I thought the problem over but the whitefly is still there now. H
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Controlling Weeds
Weeds are just plants in the wrong place as defined by the gardener. They are really part and parcel of the local ecosystem and you could argue your crops are in their way! Weeds can also be beneficial (see page 63) however, generally we do need to c