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Infusing sugar is a delicious way to preserve fresh herbs, saving the distinctive flavours to use year round. These versatile sugars can be used in many ways, replacing regular sugar to add a piquant flavour and interesting twist to baking, cocktails, fruit salads, on porridge, in hot and cold beverages, in ice cream and sorbets and savoury dishes too that sometimes have sugar as an ingredient – salad dressings, sweet and sour sauces, ketchups. Use your imagination!

Stored for up to a year in glass jars, these sugars are attractive and useful. They make great presents, especially if gifted with

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■ CHINESE ARTICHOKES commonly known by chefs as crosnes. Small edible tubers, pearly-white in colour, with a juicy, crunchy texture and a sweet, nutty, fresh flavour. ■ MEXICAN TARRAGON can be grown as a micro-herb when the leaf is small and tender,