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■ They keep pest numbers such as slugs and snails down

■ They weed out unneeded weeds

■ They produce a usually consistent supply of fresh, rich eggs to your household and possibly surplus to give to friends, neighbours or

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Do It Now
■ Lift spring planted onions when bulbs are fully formed, and dry the tops until they can be made into strings. These onions usually last longer than autumn planted ones and they can feed you through until May next year. ■ Plant out, or pot on, sow
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Mulch Materials
There is quite a range of options available when it comes to what to mulch with. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so your choice will normally be based on cost, availability and appearance. ■ PINE CHIPS The longest lasting of the ‘natur
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Time To Enter... Kg Plotter Competition 2019
We invite you to send in a few pictures of your plot and yourself and we will judge this on many different aspects, including how you have overcome all the usual plot challenges to grow great veg and fruit. This tiller (model MR48Li) comes with batt