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Do you tend your plot on your own?

Largely by myself although during the summer when the harvest is at its peak, my wife comes along to help. She is the one with the patience to pick the hundreds of blackcurrants, peas and other crops we enjoy!

Do you have an allotment or veg plot in your garden?

I have two adjacent plots at a nearby organic farm which combined measure around 16m by 30m.

How long

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The Cultivated Plot: Payback Time
What is an allotment for? I’ve been pondering that question ever since my wife, Sally, and I began to wrestle back from nature our overgrown 600 square metre plot late in 2017. Opinions differ quite widely, even on a small site like ours. I mentioned
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Deer Diary...
I visited the plot again today. I don’t really understand human-speak, but judging by the look on their faces when they see me, I don’t think I’m welcome. I can’t see the problem. It’s all food after all and that’s what this place is about. I just th
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