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Last month I introduced you to our ‘forever’ plot, a 600 square metre strip of land that had slipped back into the hands of Mother Nature. It wasn’t the prospect of getting a 50% discount next year for taking on an overgrown plot that attracted us, more the open aspect, free-draining soil, closeness to home and tall hedges that lend shelter and privacy. Now we are into serious ground preparation.


There’s only one thing better than having a friend with a truck and that is having one who has a truck and a mini digger. This type of kit

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Wildlife isn’t having an easy time. Reports detailing the demise of the natural world are being released with alarming frequency. We are told we’re in the midst of the sixth mass extinction of the past half-billion years. The last one was 65 million
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Have Your Say
In the tradition of reading the back page last, I’ve just read your excellent article on plastic. I’ve been a fan of washing and reusing my pots for years. I probably have way too many – my own, those I inherited at the allotment, and my late dad’s,
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Haven In A Jar!
For all the jar recipes I used wide-mouthed 32oz (946ml) glass Mason/Kilner jars. Always stack the ingredients from wettest to driest, with your greens at the top (unless otherwise stated). You can prepare a week’s worth of jars at the beginning of t