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Slovakia Slowly
Our first big trip was Scotland to Sicily by Transalp (featured in MSL, June/July 2017), paying special attention to regional food specialities. This time we decided on a different sort of challenge – a tour of our home country of Slovakia by Vespa 5
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Ergonomics 2019
In reality, the new Diavel is actually much, much nicer to ride than you might thing (I say this largely to those of you who have never ridden one of these things). The ergonomics, usually a worrying term in motorcycle design, are pretty much spot on
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Never A Dull Moment
I carried on down the Mekong valley, through Vang Vieng. It got hotter, and huge karst cliffs loomed over the road as I battled with minibuses for road space. The scenery changed noticeably as I rode south, out of the verdant highland climate into dr