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Motorcycle Sport & Leisure4 min read
Picos Perfection
Picos, the biker’s dream that is reality. Whether you want to tour or enjoy an eight-hour track day of constant bends, the Picos has it all. This was our fifth dry September trip into the mountains, which are easily accessed via the Portsmouth-Santan
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure4 min read
Test fleet: SUZUKI GSX-S1000F
I could blame it on middle age, I could blame it on being distracted with a hundred different thoughts about work but, whatever I blame it on, I still screwed up. I filled the GSX-S1000F with diesel. Yip, diesel. A whole £15 worth. Not realising this
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure2 min read
With the weather getting warmer and the nights drawing out, it was with great joy that I received two large boxes at work. ‘Ahh, the new lunch box has arrived,’ I said. Well, the looks I got were great and the comments even better – most too rude to