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What if it happens to you?

If you’re unfortunate enough to fall off after hitting a pothole, you’re going to have to prove the local authority responsible for that particular road breached their legal duty to maintain it as set

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Motorcycle Sport & Leisure2 min read
How To Get Fast(ish)
Track training is not just for aspiring racers, there’s a lot you can take from it to improve your road riding, too. For me, a trip to the Honda Ron Haslam Race School was primarily a chance to see how good or bad my riding was after a long break fro
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure2 min read
Sahara Desert
This is it. The mighty Sahara Desert – covering nine million square kilometres and almost 100 times larger than the UK – where average summer temperatures hit 47°C. Just before sunset, we dropped the bikes off at the village of Merzouga – on the edge
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Back at the end of 2010, things were looking decidedly ropey for Yamaha. Its bikes just weren’t cutting it, and buyers were spending their hard-earned on other brands. The Japanese giant had misread the market, and by its own admission was producing