Before I could meet Ewan and photograph his Ariel, there was a significant hurdle to overcome. I hadn’t the foggiest idea of where Ewan’s bike-encrusted dungeon was located and I don’t have SatNav on my Bonneville. So I consulted

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Little Wing PART THREE
As I have rebuilt several small Italian bikes, so I have accrued quite a few contacts and bits and pieces along the way. Nothing really important was missing from this machine – a situation worth noting for would-be rebuilders: the more complete the
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The Way To Go Commando
My Norton may have left the Andover factory over 40-years ago, but it was a new bike in all important respects. With that in mind, I had followed the ‘break-in’ recommendations and decided to carry out the 500-mile first service. This began with the
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The Regular Reader will know I like quirky. I’m always on the look-out for the frisson of excitement when you see something that knocks the normal and forgoes the conventional. So imagine how thrilled I was to end up racing against Will Bratley and h