The Classic MotorCycle

New Year’s Day gathering

There is always an element of optimism in any of the New Year’s Day gatherings that take place around the country, reflecting on

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The Classic MotorCycle7 min read
“That’s Not A Real Harley…”
It would be reasonable enough to expect that an engineering company originally founded in 1912 to manufacture aeroplanes and then turned its hands to building motorcycles 40 years later, is going to make a two-wheeler fly, and that’s definitely my ex
The Classic MotorCycle7 min read
Whatever Happened To Baby Triumphs?
If you are someone who gives your motorcycles a name, let me introduce you to ‘Hugh’ (Hughie to his friends), a 1924 Triumph Junior now belonging to West Country enthusiast Colin Groves. You might know the model by its more normal nickname of ‘Baby’
The Classic MotorCycle3 min read
The Grand Prix of Europe, 1928
The Motor Cycle was glowing in its praise of the Grand Prix d’Europe held in Geneva at the end of July 1928, saying the event: “…will go down in history as the best of its series to date, since it is probably the most truly international motorcycle e