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A Colourful Life

My life has been anything but average; in fact it has been very special in so many ways. At the age of four my family left England and moved to a small mining town in East Africa where we lived for a year, then spent nine years travelling around South Africa. The sights and sounds of nature were everywhere. I fell under its spell and have been there ever since. From climbing mountains to exploring caves, discovering the oceans and rivers, trekking through bush and jungle or feeling the heat

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Australian How To Paint2 min read
Cliffs at Wentworth Falls
In my hasty sketch (although it was done very quickly), I attempted to capture as much visual information as possible with a few strokes of the pencil. My intention was to use the study at a later date for a painting. Instead, I have used the sketch
Australian How To Paint3 min read
Dante’s Falls
Bushwalking near Lawson in the upper Blue Mountains can be a sheer pleasure. As you descend down the mountainside through Dante’s Glen, you can follow a mountain stream with huge beautiful cliffs and high waterfalls. The terrain is breathtaking and f
Australian How To Paint4 min read
Passion for Detail
Jenny Hartley is a Queenslander who has been an active painter since 1990 – creating works of art in graphite, watercolours and acrylics. Her childhood, spent on the family farm near Casino in New South Wales, installed within her a deep love of the