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Macramé ‘Leaf-Fall’ Necklace


16 metres of turquoise fine nylon thread

16 metres of orchid fine nylon thread

4 x leather-ends

2 x elongated silver end caps

50cm 18ga silver wire


3 x 25cm Czech pressed moonstone beads

Half bottle ‘Bridal’ Czech glass beads

1 teaspoon ‘Pink Berry’ Japanese Toho seed beads 11/0



Wire cutters

Round nose pliers

Length of finished piece: 45cm-50cm



Half square knot sinnet (HSqK)

All square knots have tying cords and filler cords. Generally you use one cord from each side as the tying cords and the reminder in the centre as filler cords. In the HSqK, you will always commence your knot using the cord on the far left. Refer to Diagram 1 to practice this knot. A spiral knot sinnet

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