In an unchanging rhythm our everyday life rolls on. The only interruptions in this never-ending stream are Sundays, and these are largely still degraded to the everyday grind and not used for self-reflection and taking stock of one’s life.

The words ‘everyday life’ or ‘workaday life’ or even worse, ‘the daily grind’, evoke in us feelings such as loathing or antipathy, dullness, and sometimes even disgust and despair. The colour grey best describes this drab existence and it permeates everything: the blank, expressionless faces, the robotic demeanour lacking any empathy or engagement and the grey uniformity of our urban surroundings. Even cars today tend to be shades of white or grey. Given these facts, we wonder why and for what purpose we actually live. Does

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PEARL2 min read
Garden Of Time
Thus in the mighty machinery of the Universe there are many things which contribute to how man ‘fares’, but there is nothing to which man has not himself first given cause. He furnishes the threads out of which in the untiring loom of life the cloak
PEARL5 min read
Duty And Loyalty
Last night, as I watched an episode of the television mini-drama ‘Designated Survivor’, I was struck by the sincere conviction attributed to the Navy Seal characters who gladly missed important family engagements and risked their lives to undertake a
PEARL4 min read
Lost In Tradition
There are quite a number of people who yearn to live a life of meaning and value. We are embodied creatures with needs that defy rational understanding. The modest person, by and large, appreciates what he or she has. However, there is quite a depart