Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.

THE DISCOVERY of the genes by science has led to the conclusion that all the characteristics of an individual are contained in his genetic code. The similarity between parents and children, on the physical level as well as on the psychic level, could therefore be explained as being the result of the combination of the

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PEARL18 min read
Age Of Unrest
To assert that we are living in a time of unrest is as self-evident as observing seasonal change unless one has been living underneath a rock for more than a century or one happens to be a visitor from a far away galaxy. Whether in the form of newspa
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Piercing The Veil Of Ignorance
Time stands still. It remains the same, today, yesterday and a thousand years hence! Only the forms change. We plunge into time, to cull from her records for the purpose of enriching our knowledge from what has been collected there! For time has lost
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Rules Of Life
The word ‘law’ has various meanings, from the principles behind mathematical formulae to the concepts of ‘Natural Law’ and categories of jurisprudence. The Law of the Will of the Creator penetrates the entire Creation like nerve strands. Everything f