An important aspect of the modern women's movement that has so far hardly been heard of or read about: the so-called ‘woman's emancipation movement’ has actually put the man on a pedestal! How so? Quite simply because it still makes the male the standard of all things. The modern woman aspires to the position of the man: his power, his standing, his fields of activity, his occupations, his knowledge and everything he has achieved. The emancipated woman believes that by emulating man she can achieve

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Michael Kohlhaas
As night closed in on the third evening, Kohlhaas slipped with his little cohort into the castle. They mowed down the toll collector and the gatekeeper, who were standing at the gate chatting, and entered the castle. They set fire to all the outbuild
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High Tide
The snow recedes to higher altitudes; unruly weather conditions usher in spring. Coping with the seasonal changes everywhere serves to keep the inhabitants on the alert and to develop themselves in adaptation to their environment, so as to assure sur
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Intuition is the immediate perception that we have of truth. It crops up spontaneously, unbidden, within us without us having to think to obtain it. All of a sudden, we know something, which a second before we were unaware of. With an intuition we ob