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The Secret to a Rock Climber’s Body
I’M ONLY EIGHT FEET off the ground on the rock wall at Cliffs of Id, a climbing gym in Los Angeles, but my adrenaline’s already pumping. But it’s not because of the height, and it’s not because I feel like some gravity-defying Spider-Man. It’s becaus
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The Meds Taxonomy
Anxiety is a disorder, but it can also be a symptom of another disorder, like depression, that could be treated with a nonaddictive medicine, says Dr. Hellerstein. And conditions such as panic disorders may be masked while taking certain antianxiety
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Gym Class Heroes
TAKE A SECOND to look at what the folks around you have on. Chances are everyone—you included—is wearing something that 20 years ago would have been defined as “workout clothes”: hoodies, track jackets, technical tennis shoes. But these days, they’re