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Wait: What If I Have Food Allergies?
A little more than half of the adults in a large recent study who thought they had a food allergy (19 percent of those examined) actually did. If you do, you’re likely aware of it: A food-allergy reaction typically happens within two hours, often in
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Saving The Day
“MY FRIEND BJ and I leave this lounge in Nashville around 2:50 a.m. We’re hungry, so we go to a Waffle House. We sit at the counter, and there are people over my right and left shoulders in booths. We can see the cook in the back. He’s washing dishes
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The Secret to a Rock Climber’s Body
I’M ONLY EIGHT FEET off the ground on the rock wall at Cliffs of Id, a climbing gym in Los Angeles, but my adrenaline’s already pumping. But it’s not because of the height, and it’s not because I feel like some gravity-defying Spider-Man. It’s becaus