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Considered Angels' best farm prospect since Mike Trout, Jo Adell is ready to take center stage sooner than later

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - The outfielder who just might be the next face of the Angels is in the middle of a two-hour workout in his hometown when he balks at the next exercise set.

The prescribed weight is too heavy, he halfheartedly complains. He's already been to the gym four other times this week in January.

His strength coach shrugs and says, "It's OK to be second fiddle."

Jo Adell, the Angels' top prospect and one of the best in baseball, rolls his eyes and fakes a laugh. "Ha, ha."

Adell has trained with and measured himself against Adam Duvall, an Atlanta Braves outfielder and fellow Louisville native, going on five years. It never mattered to Adell that Duvall was nearly 11 years older. He always wanted to match him in the weight room because the coach they share teases him relentlessly about Duvall's progress.

So when Duvall's name crops up again, a few weeks before Adell is set to leave for spring training, he turns back to the row of strength

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