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thought that “technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal”. But what did he know? Technological progress, and the French motorcycle manufacturer Ixon, have given us stuff like the Ixon Helios jacket. The French motorcycle cops wear Ixon, which I see

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Must Visit
Take a liberal dash of quiet twisting sealed back-roads and add some friendly gravel stretches (like the 70kms of dirt from Pee Dee up to Ebor or the shorter stretch down through Taylors Arm to Macksville), all through some breathtakingly beautiful c
Australian Motorcyclist4 min read
BMW Gs Safari
THE GS SAFARI was an Australian idea born back in 1994 and was an event that included both road and adventure BMW motorcycles for a mostly bitumen ride. The roles of the ‘Safari’ concept/event split a few years later with both the TS (road) Safari an
Australian Motorcyclist3 min read
Benelli Trk 502x
WHEN SOMEONE in your industry has a highly successful model, the temptation must be just about irresistible to produce your own version of that bike. In fact we know it’s irresistible; take the most successful bike of recent decades, BMW’s (now 1250)