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In the rolling hills of the hinterland between the Tweed and Byron Bay lies a delightful small farm, the home of Julia, her partner Rod, Tex the black cat, Rosie the Staffy, Lewis the goose, 42 rescue chickens and 15 guinea fowl — not to mention the neighbours’ cattle and horses.

Julia Rose, to use her full and thoroughly apt name, is a cutting-edge floral artist. When not zotting around the country or overseas speaking, teaching or creating breathtaking one-of-a-kind botanical delights, she can be found here enjoying the rural serenity.

Though she and Rod both work the property’s paddocks and fruit orchard, Julia freely admits that Rod does more

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A Plum Assignment
When the weather turns cool and the trees are bare, my thoughts always turn to planting deciduous trees and shrubs. Of all of the deciduous fruit trees, I have a real fondness for plums. As a small tree they are delightfully pretty with glossy green
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High Flyers
The adorable creatures on these pages are native gliders (gliding possums), so called because of their ability to use a gliding membrane, a thin sheet of skin that stretches between the forepaws and ankles. As the glider leaps from branch to branch,
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Pumpkin & Chickpea Tagine with Red Onion & Fresh Herbs
Pumpkin is something you have to watch out for in a slow cooker, because it takes much longer to cook than you might think, especially if there’s only a little liquid. This gorgeous golden-hued tagine is just fine on its own, but if you want to push