Ditch the heavy equipment and set up with this innovative Mac Afric 4 Ton Exhaust Jack from Adendorff. The PVC bag inflates in just minutes, using nothing more than the fumes pumping out your exhaust. Alternatively, you can also use your compressor. The tough bag can lift your vehicle 750mm in any terrain, even when it’s on its belly in the mud

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Ride On Air
All too often, 4x4s are driven with too heavy a load. You might be towing a big boat or trailer, perhaps you have loaded up a large pile of sand for a construction project. Most often, when overlanding with the family, your vehicle is heavily loaded
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Ground Zero Canopies
Ground Zero Canopies manufactures a line of four quality aluminium canopies: the Ground Zero Entry Level, Entry Level Plus, Mid Range and Pro Series. The Pro Series is top-of-the-range stuff and comes with a positive pressure vent on the front of the