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The Pleasure of Creating

Although I have lived in Queensland for most of my life, I was born in Wagga Wagga where my father was in the Air Force. As children, my brother and I both loved to draw and ‘colour in’. I remember my mother keeping the plain white butchers’ paper so that we could use it for drawing. She also kept the inside wrapping paper

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Artist's Drawing and Inspiration4 min read
Hours of Observing
Tanzania in East Africa was Louise Derry’s birthplace. Her home these days is in far north Queensland. She has earned an arts degree in ‘Art, Design and Technology’ which combined a variety of art modules including pottery; printmaking; fabrics; silv
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration2 min read
‘What a Deer’
Ampersand Claybord is a Masonite board which is covered with white Kaolin clay and this is then covered with India Ink. Scratch art is a form of etching which is done by scratching lines and dots with the white areas being achieved by removing the bl
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration2 min read
Firstly choose a suitable image for your scratch art. Convert the image to greyscale on a computer as this will help to show the highlights and shading. Make a line drawing of the image showing the fur direction and where the highlights and shading a