Dahl’s shed was no wonder of imagination, it was just an ordinary, quiet place where he could let his ideas run wild.

Roald Dahl is often referred to as ‘the master of imagination’ having created some of the most endearing and enduring stories for children. Even the briefest of visits to the Roald Dahl Museum in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, will immerse you in the brilliant imagination that grew inside Dahl’s head. This tiny museum bears every reminder of his works, includingNo, it’s just a plain old shed, but it was Dahl’s shed! The secret hideaway at the bottom of his garden has been painstakingly taken apart, transported piece by piece and finally rebuilt inside the museum. When you step inside you can see the dusty old armchair where he sat and dreamed up his wonderful worlds. Next to his chair is a small table lined with a mixture of curious mementoes, comprising his RAF flying helmet, his reading glasses, some pencils and shavings, but best of all lies a large silver ball made of foil wrappers which he crafted from the Kitkat bars he ate while writing.

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