Where do your parents keep their money? Chances are that some of it at least is resting safely in a bank. If so, don’t let them read another word of this column or they’ll be worried sick all night. Because this, when you cut away

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Failed Inventions
Have you ever thought of a brilliant invention that might just change the world? Our interconnected, digital society means it’s never been easier to brainstorm ideas and learn about ways to solve the world’s problems – but life as an inventor hasn’t
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The Great Inventor: Back To The Future
Einstein really did have a daughter out of marriage in 1912, and she really did go missing and was never found. Hands up whose father is Einstein. Just me. It seems normal now, but I was teased at school for it. My father was secretly building a time
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What Would Nature Do ?
There is probably some Velcro in your house right now: on your shoes maybe, or your bag or coat. You’ve got Swiss engineer George de Mestral (and his dog) to thank for this handy invention. In 1941 George returned from a mountain trip to find seed p