We spend around thirty-five per cent of our day lost in thought – daydreaming, imagining scenarios and stories in our heads. Some of these daydreams can be a blissful escape from mundane life and often our minds wander to imagining brilliant things like a wizard riding a unicorn, who swoops into your

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A Condensed History Of The Light Switch
If you have ever woken up from a lovely dream about lying on a bed of lettuce only to find a light switch where before there wasn’t one, or perhaps there was one in the middle of your kitchen floor, in the cat’s bed or at the bottom of your bath, the
Scoop2 min readTech
What Is Innovation?
Human beings have been inventing things since we first stood up – arrows to catch prey, axes to chop it up. The wheel. The printing press. Steam power. The internet. The list goes on and on (and on). But humans don’t stop at inventing. We also innova
Scoop3 min read
What Would Nature Do ?
There is probably some Velcro in your house right now: on your shoes maybe, or your bag or coat. You’ve got Swiss engineer George de Mestral (and his dog) to thank for this handy invention. In 1941 George returned from a mountain trip to find seed p