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Mantras In Motion: Leveraging the Medicine of Movement

Mantras In Motion: Leveraging the Medicine of Movement, by Erin Stutland. Photo of Erin Stutland jumping.

A fitness expert reveals a journey of transformation — from depression, detachment, and eating disorders — to a healthy, connected life of movement 

I grew up as a dancer. You may think being a dancer must be fabulous (and it can be), but let me tell you — it’s a lot of pressure to feel like you always have to be skinny and perfect!

I looked at the other dancers — some of them were tall and really skinny with legs for days. I, on the other hand, was just 5’4” and starting to get curves. I thought I was supposed to look like those other girls, so I not only monitored everything I put in my mouth, I obsessed over it. What I didn’t know

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