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Here are some new tyres from Conti. First up are the new ContiTrailAttack 3s, a 90/10 adventure tyre, which utilises Continental’s latest RainGrip compound, along with a re-designed tread pattern to offer improved wet weather performance for a wide range of modern and classic adventure motorcycles. Continental claims the tyre reaches its optimum operating temperature within 1500 metres, even in cold weather conditions, and delivers a more consistent level of performance during

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Turbo Time!
The 1980s was a special time for motorcycling, but the years that interest me the most are 1982 – 1984, the turbocharger era… It was an era when the Japanese went nuts over forced induction. Yes, the machines that the short-lived bikes were based on
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The Latest Riding Kit, Top Tools, Tyres, Retro Clothing And More!
This is the new helmet from Japanese giant Arai. The company says it’s improved the fit and feel as well as the ability to get the lid on and off by opening up the bottom of the helmet, while still retaining a snug fit. The Profile-V comes with a wid
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Welded Bliss!
Last month I introduced my wife’s Stinky. For those who are not in the know, Stinky is the moniker afforded to her bitsa Z650, which has caused me mountains of work and frustration over the years. As with many Z650s of the period, the sidestand is a