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Kg Passionate Plotter Competition The Plot That Keeps On Giving
Do you tend your plot on your own? I tend our plot with my wife Vivienne, with myself cultivating our veg and Vivienne keeping them in check with regular harvesting and pruning. Do you have an allotment or veg plot in your garden? We have a veg pl
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Best Of The Bunch
Say ‘spring onions’ and it’s likely you’ll think of those slim white ones you find on the supermarket shelf! Admittedly, these seem to be the only offering and so everyone thinks that’s what a spring onion should look like. Yet they come in shades of
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What’s New?
If you’re looking for some exciting garden projects to produce tastier, healthier crops, then take a look at the latest book from KG regular contributor, Joyce Russell. Full of practical advice, tips and clearly explained step-by-step stages, New Veg