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So why would anyone want to keep chickens in their back garden or on the land that they own? For most it will be the lure of ‘home grown’ fresh eggs: with a good diet and living space for your chickens, eggs really will have that ‘never tasted so good’ flavour. The feeling and excitement for young and old alike on finding those first newly laid eggs is a proper life experience.

It’s not just the eggs, chickens can make great pets and indeed companions – most will become quite tame very quickly – but surely that’s just because we are the source of their food? Well, there’s definitely an element of truth there, though during my time with these birds I’ve seen

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Have Your Say
I thought your readers might be interested in the use to which I have put the turf from a 10 x 4m plot which I stripped by hand, having just taken it on. The plot had not been used for some five years and my neighbours (who helpfully mowed it before
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Growing On The Web
What is your plot like? The allotment site contains 17 full-size plots and eight half-size plots, and is managed by the local city council. I am the site secretary. When I obtained my plot, soft fruits were the primary crop grown in 60cm (2ft) wide
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Reaping The Rewards
Having an allotment that is productive had been a dream of mine, but when I first worked the plot, it seemed overwhelming, though exciting too. That was eight years ago! New gardeners should not be put off by photographs of abundant harvests, especia